Horoscope Reading

Horoscope Reading


There are many theories and believes about the origin of the life on earth in science and religion and philosophy. The human being on earth majorly surrounded by the sun moon and the other planets: namely Mercury, Venus, Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto and one is get affected by the energy system generated by this solar system. In Indian Vedic systems and old Sri Lankan system of astrology the main 5 planets with the sun, moon and shadow planets created by the shadow nodes of moon (Rahu and Kethu) are used for calculations and analysis of person’s life, while Uranus, Neptune and Pluto the most distant planets of the system too have been included in western astrological system which is followed Greek and Egyptian traditions. By considering above, it is all different energies and human being itself is consisted with good and bad energies (plus and miners energy field) which is explained well in Buddhism, Hinduism like eastern religions and philosophies and also the in science: paraphysics, quantum physics and parapsychology.

Through my studies, researches, and observations on combined astrology fields palm reading, horoscope reading, Wasthu, naming “Namakshara”, “Ghana” and numerology and quantum treatments, I understand the relationship of external planetary and solar system energy and human energy body. (Astral body or “Vinnana kaya”) five sensory organs are created the karma energy throughout the life of a human being, which helps to fuel the cycle of births – “Samsara “. The karma diagram of a human being can be generated by using the planetary symbols which also influencing the life on earth through the major elements of life and earth namely: water, heat, air, solid and space, and influencing on their existence and reactions and different modes on earth and natural cycles in lives of every living and non-living being on earth.

The karma pattern of a living being is encoded in his body and mind and including on palms of a person. Anyone who gets all his human form, (or non -human form) shape, father mother siblings…etc. and insight according to their karma. karma is an energy at its micro level, is revealed which influences on DNA as well. The planetary energy (cosmic energy relationship and individual present karma relationships are encoded and that’s why the lines patterns are generated on our body and also will delete time to time naturally.

The similar patterns are analyzed and recorded by using birth time location of a living being with the ancient symbols for planets and theories preached and written by the rishis (Vedic system of ancient India) philosophers (Western world), ancient teachers (of other civilizations) who got opened their insight and wisdom on these fields.

With my studies, I got revealed there is strong relationship of person’s karma (micro energy) and planetary energy- which is termed as cosmic energy. We can consciously use the cosmic energy for making progress and prosperity of human life, to get cure the karmic diseases, karmic disasters by analyzing karma diagram (the horoscope) and using appropriate quantum treatments accordingly.