Palm Reading

Palm Reading

Palm reading

According to my palm reading research, observations and drawn conclusions palm reading is an attractive field consisted with information of personal evolution and psycho- spiritual development gained through “samsara” (reincarnation of innumerable lives in different forms ex: human, inhuman forms), and karmic information of previous birth cycles, which requires trained and expertise knowledge to analyze.

For example when Bodhisattva prince Siddhartha was born in Lumbini of ancient India, the prince’s father King Suddhodhana’s teacher venerable ascetic guru “Asitha” who came to see the prince and said he was definitely attain to “buddha-hood” by readings of newly born infant prince’s body symbols; same way in his naming ceremony the youngest ascetic among 108 ascetic gurus called “Anna Kondanna” gave his prediction on prince that he would become the Buddha definitely one day by using his combined knowledge on astrology including palms, feet, body characteristic reading while  8th of 100 of total saints said that the prince would be either become king of the material worlds  (“sakvithi”) or would become buddha by using astrology. Majority 100 gurus said he is a noble prince to born for change the world and do for meaningful duty for humanity. Thus, the prince was given the name “Siddhartha”- (means a one who came to do meaningful duty to the mankind and world) so this is the power of ancient astrology and palm, feet and body symbols Reading. Even in ancient time of India, the clever gurus used their combined knowledge of different astrological branches to give 100% accurate prediction of a person or an event.

This will prove how powerful of our palm, feet and body symbols which we gain through to our past karma.

Similarly, through palm reading one can get changed his bad karmic energies– which he got due to bio physical evolution and karmic patterns of past life (which comes under para physics, quantum physics, and parapsychology) when he/she knows what would be happened in future by reading and understanding the patterns, signs and symbols of palms etc. The patterns print on palms are unique to a person and the symbols and some signs will be appeared or disappeared or get modified according to his physical psycho logical development and present deeds and thoughts in his or her life style.

Hence, a person who trained and expert in the subject can read a palm and can help to the client to get change certain powerful bad “karma” and bad energy patterns through changing his or her actions, life style thinking patterns and following remedies given. According to my encounters, there a person can get changed his changeable bad karma either completely or can reduce its’ worse effects. The purpose of the palm reading is meaningful; can be used to re-arrange our energy body (astral body) and replace good energy by understanding the past karma structure; the one is inherited from life after life, and then it can be changed and get created a better, successful prosperous life.

Finger prints reading

Finger print reading is a special section relates to palm reading but should be done separately. Consumes more time and energy to do so therefore it is expensive area. But give accurate reading this is the same that many people knew as “Nadi Wakya”. I also learnt for reading finger prints, however I do it only for special requests and situations as it requires a lot of time. By reading the finger prints we can find past lives and it is used for past life regression therapies to heal a person mentally and physically otherwise some are curious to know the in-depth readings of them, there I am capable to do this.