Wasthu – reading your residing space (indoor-outdoor)


In prehistoric era the basic human need was a to get safety and protection from natural forces and forest animals; so, they started from living in natural caves. With the brain development, human beings were evolved fast in to next level, where they wanted to get fulfilled more requirements from a shelter more than safety and protection. By the time when they transferred to agricultural system from hunting and raring animals, they started to have permanent houses in order to get fulfilled their growing needs, wants and values.

WHY did the HUMAN BEING (“Homo sapience sapience”.)  want to have a permanent house? When he got evolved in his mind and wisdom, he required to get fulfilled the wants and values not only the basic needs of any living being.

Since ancient age the human beings of different civilization had learnt to build a permanent structures and houses which are compatible with cosmic world which is invisible to naked eye; but they understood the things through their gurus who had opened their 3rd eye and insight. So they built houses and structures accurately according to match with liquidity, heat, airy and solidity and spatial qualities (“apo”, “Tejo” “Vayo” ,”Patawi” , “Akasha” (“Dhathu” -qualities) in the micro cosmic world.

The Sinhala term “Wasasthana” means the place of living (house) which has been derived from the term called “Wasthu sahitha” – (including “Wasthu” – which means  “ the place with proper proportions to hold cosmic energy and for making the place physically,  environmentally energetically comfortable; through this the place ultimately achieves  the entity of pleasant indoors and outdoors with physical and psychological comforts.

The “Wasthu” theories and secrets also used by almost all ancient civilizations such as Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indus, Chinese and Mayan etc. they applied this knowledge in almost all their social life including agricultural, construction, religious, administration work and wars. All analysis were done using mathematics and planetary distances and symbols. They were able to give predictions for future by understanding the mathematical relationships and their energy cycles within the nature, cosmos and natural cycles. That’s how they built gigantic structures like pyramids, temples stupas, pagodas, following the cosmic star alignments, to be last forever.

The “ science of Wasthu” became famous throughout Indian subcontinent including Sri Lanka, which was spread to far eastern countries with Buddhism and  to the western world through different invasions like Alexander of Greece, Genghis khan of Mongolia etc. and through silk route. By the time the “ science of Wasthu” became a high end cult and their secrets for using many different work were kept as a top secrets even today Europeans American high end class even it is said that Pentagon, NASA like institutions, Indian administration and business class  also follow the principles and quantum treatments to get correct the energies.( ex they used auspicious symbols proportions even for making the dollar note, to build business like Benz, Coca Cola, etc.)a. they applied the knowledge of the this ancient science as well as other astrological services like  reading  of body characteristics palm and horoscope reading hand writing, numerology for their different important activities.

If we go for in-depth studies- using “Vinaya pitakaya” of Theravada Buddhism the highest and best “Wasthu knowledge has been given by the lord Buddha as the lord buddha preached on designing and construction of temple- “Pansala” as a comfortable place for meditation and residential purpose to achieve highest status of mind, by creating comfortable micro climate and energy in order to get calm and relaxing body first. The principle behind it was to get a comfortable physical entity first to achieve psychological comfort then to tame the mind achieve highest contemplation.

There the Lord buddha preached about physical and psychological comforts of indoors and out doors of meditational environment and if it is lacked the micro cosmic world and some higher invisible living beings (like gods), or lower invisible living beings (like demons) can get disturbed due to the activities of human beings. Similarly, in Mahayana concepts also embedded with “Wasthu” And knowledge of astrology.

It is recorded in Buddhist texts, that Lands for sacred Anuradhapura ancient city to build “Atamasthana” had been divided according to “Wasthu” and astrology to generate certain sacred energy pattern. It was reveled in ancient Buddhist texts and “Mahavaansha” the sacred land of Anuradhapura has been existed since many eras and lord buddhas “Kakusanda”, “Konagama”, “Kashyap”, and “Gauthama” buddhas were visited and resided there. The ancient city is demarcated according to the cardinal points as per certain proportions in order to compatible with the cosmic energy and paths to attract cosmic energy, invisible gods and their blessings. That’s how King “Dutugemunu” and other kings of Lanka built “maha stupa” “Ruwanweli seya”,“Jethawanaramaya” and “Misirawetiya” by following constellation of stars of “Orion belt” (the same principle was applied for building ancient pyramids of Egypt)

I have guided many individuals and families for practicing “science of Wasthu” principles and quantum treatments after reading a person through palm and horoscope and their place of living. I applied “Wasthu proportions for buddha statues made out of quarts; their volume and mass are equal thus can able to remove all distractive energy within the entity either indoors or outdoors.

The “science of Wasthu” can be applied for making a healthy family physically and psychologically to gain prosperity, achieve physical development like right appropriate education, jobs, finance, to achieve healthy life, peace and happiness; to eliminate the drug addiction, poverty, diseases, unhappiness in home. This could be used to make two individual married man and woman in to a peaceful happy healthy family.  to make a family in to a calm peaceful prosperous entity in life! The successful life and family are key to happiness of this social and home life first and to follow path of nirvana and achieve eternal bliss of nirvana!!!

I have created living examples and cosmic community who follows this path