Namakshara and Ghana

Namakshara and Ghana


Name , Namakshara” and “Ghana” (“Namakshara” first letter of name, “Ghana: vowels, syllables and consonant sounds involved in pronunciation of name, the audible frequency of name) and Numerology

Name ,  “Namakshara” and “Ghana

A paraphysical energy body (quantum body) will conceive in the healthy female womb after she is ready with matured female cell which is combined with male cell at the same time. That means a new life (vinnana) is get connected to this combined male female cell which stimulates to get started to cell division in the womb of the mother.   This is how a human fetus is being developed and will get ready for the birth of human being. After the birth every human being will be given a name. this name will be given by the parents of new born baby.

Here I will guide the parents to select a suitable appropriate name according to parent’s and the new infant’s destiny making and reading his birth chart (horoscope) and parents palms and horoscopes by identifying the suitable auspicious “Namakshara”. First letter of name to eliminate the mal effects of bad planetary energies. Also provide the auspicious “Ghana” (vowels, syllables and consonant sounds) for the name as per revealing of his birth chart.

It is a principle that parents of a child should name their child.

As it is not auspicious, energetically right thing to name someone else’s child.

I must reveal that the many names I encountered with clients which were selected by using computer software and through books and newspapers are with inaccurate “Ghana”

It is evident that the Lord buddha gave highest importance for selecting a language for preaching “Dhamma”; a language which has words and word patterns with proper syllables free from distractive energy which could sense to higher wise living beings of universe and a language to be able to communicate with cosmic world (other worlds) in the universe. A language with meaningful soft words. A language there were not any swear words which is able to generate bad energy.

I think this example will be enough to get understood how the name “Ghana” and syllables are important for a person’s life.

Currently the languages and cultures are mixed. As a result of that there are so many influences for naming and “Ghana”; names which are created with very strong “Ghana” and weak “Ghana” , In some cases, I met with persons with names of incompatible and inauspicious “Ghana” which later made curse to their lives! Further it prevents the wellbeing of the person with that name!

A child born with strong planetary combinations could be made into a weak person and eliminate all good of his birth charts by giving him a wrong name with wrong “Namakshara” , “Ghana”, sometimes, with a  wrong meaning or meaningless name.

Frequency of a name

Frequency become and energy when it sounds every time. Every word has its’ own frequency when we call it. it can be a blessing to the person when the name has a right frequency.

When has a wrong frequency, then it gives opposite results.

When give wrong name with wrong meaning, syllables and  sounds the good karma energies will not be able to get activated properly; because of the name generates bad in appropriate energy field around the person.

There are right frequencies generates right energy and also have opposite frequencies for generating bad energy and can bring evil and disastrous results to a person or a family.


Whole universe including living and non-living beings is consisted with mathematical structure even our energy fields are consisted of mathematics and mathematical relationships. Like a computer software language. The success, abundance, infinity, prosperity can be achieved through auspicious numbers and numerological proportions. The golden proportions are the famous example I can use to explain the patterns and structures of the nature, universe and any living cell, non-living entity, human body. Right proportions and numbers are attracted the right compatible cosmic energy to a person house and a system.

The name, letters for a name, “Ghana”, frequencies, patterns energy all have numbers.

Many of my clients who change their names, business names and got good results after met me.

I have done paraphysical / quantum treatments by using numerology and frequencies for naming and re-naming persons and places.