Quantum Treatments

Quantum Treatments


I do quantum treatments Through treating their astral body  (“Vinnana Kaya”)   in order to heal their physical body and its  illnesses and ailments ; furthermore, to correct the above discussed topics in one’s life “Wasthu”” and name, “Namakshara” “Ghana”, frequency numerology and also for diseases got through imbalance of energies and due to past karma. There I do start treatments after reading palm and horoscope of a person or of their family, reading “Wasthu”” spaces and start treatments through Wasthu” science, and quartz and gem treatments and provide guidance for them to get accurate their life style and energy body.  The person with uncurable diseases like skin diseases, cancers etc. are also treated using above methods while he or she follows western or ayurvedic medicines as per their choice and will give supportive advice and treatments if necessary, using my local and foreign knowledge. studies and experimental work in this field.

YOGA treatments

Under Quantum treatments I also do yoga treatments for patients and clients as I have learnt and improved the yoga postures; the postures especially for healing and keep healthy body and they helps to get open the sacred chakras in the body.  Healthy body is necessary for a person who wants to break the innumerable cycles of births (“cycles of Samsara”) in order to attain nibbana.

Meditation treatment

I teach Upanishad meditation to my cosmic community and clients; Upanishad meditation is a branch of “samatha” meditation which gives a lot of   health benefits. Through meditation treatments I help my clients to stay out of stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle while raising the frequency of the body and mind. Ultimately it helps to find one’s higher-self. Through this journey it opens the path of purification and maintains a calm relaxed mind in search of nirvana, the end of this innumerable cycles of births ” samsara“.

Water therapy

When my client connects with me, I advise them to change their daily lifestyle and meals; secondly, I introduce the basic water therapy to follow daily. For special cases, I use advanced water therapy methods using different types of ayurvedic salts, herbs and water at different temperatures.

Vibration treatment

I do vibration treatments for the requirement by using an ancient Tibetan bowl to understand the changes of frequency of the organs and the body.  By using vibration treatment can help to enhance the frequency of our body and eliminate the ailments and removal of physical and mental stress and pain arising due to chronic illnesses like cancers.

Crystal Acupressure

Crystal Acupressure is an ancient art of healing, has isolated four cycles of energy that flow in a healthy body. There are:

Digestive System, Circulatory System, Nervous System, Glandular System

These cycles interact with one another to form what is called the YIN and YANG energy of the body. YANG masculine form of energy in the body which is hot and dry, represents the positive force of fullness and is generally considered to be the active force that creates compressive, constrictive, implosive, solidifying, crystallizing and attractive chemical reactions in the body. While YIN, the feminine form of energy, which has cold and wet parts in the system, represents the negative force which creates and disperses energy by dilating, repelling, expanding, exploding and liquefying chemical changes in a counterbalance force.

I do crystal acupressure treatments for clients who require it for balancing these two types of energy forms in the body in order to create harmony within the one’s inner system by using crystals on the temple points of the body. The interplay of  YANG-YIN energy creates harmony within the body that allows normal functioning to occur as well as creating a sense of well-being in the mind, body and spirit.

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